About Us

Mission Statement:

We strive to use our creativity to create unique scents that align the mind, body, and soul.
Moon Wax Galaxy is committed to making clean, safe, and strong-smelling candles at an affordable price. All of our candles are handmade, hand poured with soy wax, and fragrance oils (no essential oils) are used for both humans and animals alike to breathe in easy.

Moon Wax Galaxy started out as a fun project in a tiny Chicago apartment. What started as simple 4 ounce strawberry scented candles made for fun turned into a business! Moon Wax was started by Briana and her friends Kimberly and Lyric. Kim is the creative director, working hard to mix scents and come up with the perfect aroma for every galaxy. Lyric is the digital artist, designing all of our labels, logos, and character designs.


About Briana (aka Luna)

For years, my mental health was out of alignment. After experiencing a traumatic event, I started taking my mental health journey more seriously. At first, I tried to pretend as if I were ok as quickly as possible. I tried to rush my healing process. I had to learn the hard way that that was not possible for me. When I finally started therapy, I had many methods that helped me cope with and manage my mental health. One such big factor was aromatherapy. Albeit it wasn't the miracle remedy to cure my trauma, aromatherapy did a lot to help ease my mind and calm my soul. 


I got the idea to try and start my own candle business in the summer of 2020.  It has been a long, arduous process that is finally coming to fruition! I am excited to share my candles with other fellow candle lovers while also encouraging people to take care of their mental health in any way that they can. I thank all of our stars and moons that have joined us on this journey at any step of the way.


May your stars always align,

Briana (Luna)

About Kim (aka Sol)

If I had to describe myself I would say I’ve always been an imaginative individual. As the dozenth grandchild of my family, I received tons of hand-me-downs from my cousins both female and male of all ages. Being the youngest grandchild and sibling also meant I spent hours alone, quietly building whole cities out of my dollhouses, storage containers, and train sets. It wasn’t odd to find me playing with Bratz dolls and using nail polish bottles to be the kids who rode a Star Wars Battleship to school. And I’ve remained that way throughout life.

Creating Moon Wax Candles and its Galaxy has given me a creative outlet that has been missing in the last few years of my adult life. I am so grateful and excited for the chance to harness one of my oldest talents to create out-of-this-world Moon Wax Galaxy products, narrative, and experience. Both for and with our moons and stars.







May the universe conspire in your favor,

Kim (Sol)